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Six Essential Fantasy and Science Fiction Books Written By Black Authors

This guy. This guy knows his quality fiction. Read his blogs. Read his recommended books. Go.

Troy L. Wiggins


I think that I’ve told my awakening story before: Some years ago, I existed as a slightly chubby and extremely black fan of fantasy, comic books, role playing games, and anime. I experimented with MTG and D&D. I stayed up all night through a semi-hurricane to finish Final Fantasy VII. I sulked along with my best friend when a girl ripped his valuable Aquaman comic book into pieces.

My dad hated to see me reading what he called “that fake stuff.” They had no real-world application, he said. I couldn’t make money doing any of it, he warned. But he didn’t actively try to stop me. One day I was pestering him to buy me a comic book while we were out on household errands. He picked up a Batman comic and thumbed through it, then turned to me and asked,

Where all the black folks at? Ain’t no…

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My Favourite Artifacts From China

 NSFW: Contains dildos


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